The "rema.quicktrain" format was developed in order to bring the product closer to the sales staff (internal and sales force) and, while imparting basic technical knowledge, to give them arguments for the sale and to use examples to illustrate that sustainability potential can be increased.


The contents of a rema.quicktrain can be seen from the basic agenda presented.

  1. What is rema.quicktrain?
  2. Circular Economy?
  3. Product description
    • Integration in overall system
    • Types
    • Reasons for failure
    • Miscellaneous (product-related)
  4. rema.germany product improvements
  5. Facts and Summary
  6. Sales support

Further details and registration forms can be found in our training catalogue..

We are happy to provide you with the following rema.quicktrains as  complete files. Please send a short email, stating the quicktrains you are interested in, to: sales(at)rema-germany.com