Brake calipers (remanufactured)

For all original manu-facturers

Your advantages at a glance

  • Standardised, industrial remanufacturing
  • Technically skilled customer service
  • Old parts picked up for free
  • 24-months warranty with unlimited mileage 
  • The extended lifespan conserves our Earth’s resources

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Technical data

  • 745 rema.germany part numbers and 16.588 x-reference numbers (only brake calipers) 
  • Knorr, Meritor, BPW, Wabco, SAF, Haldex
  • New: MAXX 22, also for Mercedes 
  • Hydraulic brake calipers for 7,5t trucks
  • 380 rema.germany part numbers and 4.500 x-reference numbers for air compressors
  • Knorr, Wabco und Voith – applications
  • Assured, high availability

  • Improved products with longer durability 
  • Use of enhanced components
  • 24 months warranty

  • Data sheets, installation-guidelines
  • Flyers, brochures
  • ROI calculation (potential of cost savings for fleets)
  • rema.quicktrain

  • Savings of material
  • Savings of energy
  • Savings of CO2