Circular Economy

Your benefits at a glance

Circular economy and remanufacturing, what is that exactly? In our daily life, we encounter terms such as Circular Economy, Sustainability, Repair, Remanufacturing, etc. more and more frequently.

What do these terms actually mean and why is this also interesting for your and our business?

Since 2015, the circular economy has been taken seriously and supported and promoted by governments and international committees. The climate protection programs of the EU and "Leaders Conference" also include Remanufacturing as one of 4 important building blocks of the "4R campaign: Reduce, Reuse, Reman, Recycle. This means that remanufacturing can be found in all key international documents and programs. This also means that up to 90% (!) material, 80% (!) energy and thus significant amounts of CO2 emissions can be saved!

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Closing the loop

The following steps are necessary to create a new product.

  1. Extraction of the raw materials in the mines, forests, oil fields anywhere in the world
  2. Transport of the raw materials to the first refinement stage
  3. Production of semi-finished products, fuel, etc.
  4. Transport of the semi-finished products to the next processing stage anywhere in the world
  5. Manufacture of the components of the products (housings, nozzles, pipes, etc.) and production of the end products (often in different factories!)
  6. Transport of the finished products to the manufacturers' warehouses around the world
  7. Transport of the finished products to the warehouses of the suppliers (wholesale, trade, workshop...)

If, on the other hand, we look at the supply chain of a product produced according to the Circular Economy, here as a remanufactured product, most of the resource-destroying steps are omitted!

This is how Reman works

In principle, remanufacturing is very simple. A failed part is completely dismantled, examined and then made functional again using the latest technology and components. This usually results in a better part than it is genuine – and often is! Definitely it is more modern!

In summary, the definition of remanufacturing developed by global associations and companies is as follows:

Remanufacturing – it is NOT just a repair!

„A remanufactured part fulfills a function, which is at least equivalent compared to the original part. It is restored from an existing part (CORE), using standardized industrial processes in line with specific technical specifications. A remanufactured part is given the same warranty as a new part and it clearly identifies the part as a remaufactured part and states the remanufacturer.“

Remanufacturing can be found in all areas of life. Aviation and medical technology have the largest share of the market volume shown above of planned approx. € 100,000,000,000! And more and more products are being given a new, better life: smartphones, computers, clothing, etc.

All this leads to a product lifetime-extension and thus a considerable contribution to environmental protection – be.part!