Lets make the truck greener.

This year we have already saved approx
1253453 kilograms of CO2
by our remanufactured parts!


Above all, we say: be.part! And that not only applies to our employees, but also to our customers, suppliers, actually to everyone with whom we communicate in any way. Because our goal is to bring solutions for better products, working conditions and sustainable and environmentally friendly management into the focus of as many people as possible involved in economic life.

Everyone! Now! All over!

Our Vision

Our top priority is to steadily increase our contribution to sustainably preserving our planet’s resources, winning over other market players and thus becoming synonymous with the circular economy in our relevant market in Europe.”

Heinz Hölker, Managing Director and owner

Our Mission

The pursuit of our vision is driven and implemented through the consistent development of appropriate products, systems, services and communication, both internally and externally.

Dennis Hölker, Chief Operating Officer

We protect our environment

When it comes to sustainability, every company has to think outside the box. We take responsibility for the way OUR products are made. Because this has a major impact on our environment in the long term. WE think every day about making these effects for people, animals and nature as responsible as possible.

Subsequent generations should also find a healthy nature through our actions.